Integration programme for medical screening processes. From the booking of appointments to the transmission of diagnostic findings

2020 - now
UI/UX-Design, Frontend, Backend, CI, Conception
Open Telekom Cloud, Screening Process

Covid19 has changed all our lives. So that both private and working life can continue with less risk, we developed a platform at the end of 2020 that makes testing as simple as possible. Our completely in-house developed solution connects testing centres throughout Germany with professional large-scale laboratories, embedded in a highly efficient network of 24-hour logistics.

Instadical is an integration programme for a wide range of medical screening processes, whereby data-secure, automated transfer can take place between the patient, the point of contact (e.g. the doctor's practice, the outpatient clinic or the test centre) and the laboratory and/or the responsible health authority. A certificate of authenticity is included with the transfer of the diagnostic findings, guaranteeing a forgery-proof document without any paper at all. None of the user parties has to download an app for this, as Instadical is operated in the browser. In addition, precise and user-friendly appointment management is possible for affiliate partners. Instadical is a SAAS product (software as a service) in the Open Telekom Cloud.

For the digital verification of the findings, we also developed a secure digital signature with <i>trust now</i>.

With Forsit, we have a partner at our side who is customer-oriented and extremely fast. The system developed by Forsit has noticeably accelerated our work and made it even easier and thus more effective.

Dr. Philipp Westhofen, Laboratory Manager CBT Bonn

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