Platform for corporate health management with integration of affiliate partners

2021 - now
UI/UX-Design, Frontend, Backend, Software conception
Corporate health management

We have developed a platform for corporate health management for wrelax GmbH.

Just one hour of sitting motionless reduces the functions of the musculoskeletal system and increases the risk of illness. Almost 80% of office workers have physical complaints during or after work.

Back pain, neck pain and headaches as well as limited mobility not only cause a bad mood, but also reduce the performance of your employees enormously.

One minute per hour is enough to counteract health problems and increase performance.

Affiliate partners can easily be integrated into this cloud-based system.

For this project, in addition to the front- and back-end development, we also created the user interface and user experience design. Together with wrelax GmbH, we are constantly developing the platform.

...wow, what a wise decision! Without the Forsit team, we wouldn't have thought of everything. Now our app has become sensational and continues to grow.

Marco Herzberg, Managing Director, wrelax GmbH

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